Dear Mock Trial Participants,

Welcome to the Annual Rhode Island Mock Trial Tournament!

Our best wishes go out to the teams, new and old, participating this year. Those who are returning to the tournament have learned firsthand why mock trial programs are thriving around the country and around the world. We now know that mock trial is one of the premier experiences being lauded by college admissions programs. Students learn critical thinking and how to analyze problems while improving their public speaking. They also develop confidence and learn to work collaboratively while gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of civics and our American legal system.

Students from most states and territories in the United States and from many foreign countries spend part of each school year planning mock trial strategy, memorizing witness statements, and preparing to defend or prosecute cases. While role-playing the parts of witnesses and attorneys, they are acquiring or polishing important life skills, but most importantly, they are having fun.

To make this unique educational opportunity possible, each year hundreds of Rhode Islanders donate an impressive amount of time and talent. We salute our past, present, and future volunteers. Their willingness to participate is vital to the success and survival of this program. We hope that everyone will have an exciting, rewarding, and memorable experience in the tournament!

Jennifer A. Minuto, Esq.

Executive Director

Rhode Island Legal Education Foundation

Please contact us at (401) 263-6171 or [email protected] to participate!

The deadline for registration to participate in the Mock Trial Tournament will be announced via email at the beginning of each academic year. To participate in the Mock Trial Tournament, a team must have a school-designated coach and must submit the following three items by the deadline:

1.  Registration Form – listing the school, teacher or school-designated coach and attorney coach (optional).

2.  Blackout Calendar – indicating the team’s vacation, holiday, and exam schedule.

3.  Registration Fee – $1000 fee (Senior Division); $600 fee (Junior Division).

Please make checks payable to the Rhode Island Legal Education Foundation, remit to: RILEF, P.O. Box 8068, Warwick, RI 02888. 


Forms due before the start of the Tournament:

All forms should be completed digitally. However, if there is any additional documents requiring mailing, please mail them to:

Jennifer A. Minuto, Esq., Executive Director

Rhode Island Legal Education Foundation

P.O. Box 8608, Warwick, Rhode Island 02888

2022: East Greenwich High School

2021: East Greenwich High School

2020: Providence Country Day and La Salle Academy*

2019: Providence Country Day

2018: The Wheeler School

2017: Providence Country Day

2016: La Salle Academy

2015: La Salle Academy

2014: La Salle Academy

2013: Tollgate High School

2012: Providence Country Day

2011: Toll Gate High School

2010: Toll Gate High School

2009: St. Mary Academy Bay View

2008: La Salle Academy

2007: Toll Gate High School

2006: The Wheeler School

2005: Providence Country Day

2004: The Wheeler School

2003: Moses Brown

2002: The Wheeler School

2001: St. Mary Academy Bay View

2000: Tiverton High School

* Providence Country Day and La Salle Academy are Co-Champions due the cancellation of the final championship match for COVID-19 precautions.